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For those of you pool owners that are "do it yourself" types and would like save a few bucks on service costs. You do the cleaning-netting, brushing, vacuuming, & backwashing. Let us professionally manage and balance your pool's water chemistry. Healthy, well balanced water is critical to protecting your pools surfaces, extending the life of your pool's equipment, and most importantly- keeping your water healthy and sanitary for you, your family and friends who enjoy your pool.

Service Includes:

  • Water Testing: Total Chlorine, Free Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity, & Stabilizer (Cyanuric Acid). Annual testing on Water Hardness and TDS (total dissolved solids) with report results mailed to you.
  • Chemical Balancing: All the necessary chemicals are included in the service cost to balance the above mentioned test parameters for healthy, sanitary pool water.
  • Regular Weekly inspection of Pool Equipment to ensure all systems in and out of pool are functioning properly.
  • Weekly Service Cards showing Pool Water Test Results and chemicals added to balance water. Also notes regarding any potential or broken equipment issues that may arise.
  • Keep detailed service records of pool chemistry and equipment notes for pool's service history.

Based in Gilbert, Arizona and serving surrounding areas including Chandler, Mesa and Tempe, AZ

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