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Pool Cleaning

When it comes to having your pool cleaned, wouldn't you want it to, well... actually be cleaned? Too many pool service guys do a "Splash & Dash" where they drop some chlorine in the pool, dump the baskets, splash the water with a net and run out to their next account. They know you're not home and have a busy life so they bet on you not noticing. Mandalay Pool Services is different. We ensure our technicians are doing their work completely through our 5-Step Quality Assurance program.

A One or Two Person Pool Service Can't Do Quality Assurance

My technicians are good at what they do, but I don't take their word for it. I instituted a thorough quality assurance program to prove their quality. Our weekly service cards have a section for you to fill out to say how my techs are doing. If they are doing a good job, please let them and me know by filling it out. My field manager spot checks their work each week. They don't know when or where he'll strike, but they know they better do a good job on each pool just in case that pool gets inspected. I have implemented multiple "ride-alongs" each year for each tech to provide additional training and retraining to keep their work up to my high standards. Our last step is a secret. I rotate between two separate location tracking systems to know where my techs are at during the day. I keep it secret so that they can't try to beat the system.

Monthly Cleaning Ain't Just Cleaning

For a pool to be clean, it must also be healthy. You really need to trust that your pool guy knows what he is doing. You may look at the water and it will look clean, but is it healthy? I can't count high enough to account for all the pool guys who don't know about water chemistry and water sanitizers.

Our Service Focus

Mandalay Pool Services is based in Gilbert, Arizona. We work regularly in the surrounding areas, including Chandler, Mesa and Tempe. Clients include private home owners, commercial operations and pool builders who trust us with their warranty work. We are experts on fresh-water systems and salt-water systems.

Preventive/Annual Maintenance

  • DE & Cartridge Filter cleaning
  • Pool Drains & Fills with Start Up Chemicals
  • "Green to clean" Pool Drain and cleanup
  • Acid Washes
  • Chlorine Baths
  • Tile Cleaning

Pool Repair

Ever think that you were talking to a crooked auto mechanic when your pool guy was telling you what needed to be repaired?

Many pool guys charge low cleaning rates and then try to make up the loss in profit with their repairs. And too many times, tell customers that they need more work than is necessary. I have been building Mandalay Pool Services into a company known for honest and thorough repairs. Not only do my pool cleaning clients enjoy timely and cost competitive repairs, but so do several valley pool builders. A pool builder's reputation gets built on how well their clients are cared for after the pool is finished. They trust Mandalay Pool Services to do start ups, warranty repairs and to fix items no longer under warranty. They do this because of the great feedback they receive from their clients.

We Repair or Install

  • New Equipment Installations
  • Salt System Installation & Repair
  • Pump Motor Repair or Rebuild
  • New Pump and Filter Installations
  • Timer & Lighting repairs
  • Vacuum Repairs

Pool equipment broken, leaking, noisy or doing something strange and unidentifiable? Then call us for a FREE equipment inspection by one of our trained repair technicians.

Service Includes:

Vacation Service - Chem Only - Full Service

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Vacation Service
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